Fish & prawns

60 Fish Mango Curry

Fresh salmon pieces cooked in a delicately flavoured sauce with fresh lemon
16.90 €
61 Machi Masala (Fish Curry)

Fresh salmon pieces cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and onions
16.90 €
62 Fish Korma

salmon fillet in a mild sauce from spices, cream, almonds, coconut and cashew nuts
18.50 €
63 Machi Tikka (Fish Tandoori)

Fresh salmon pieces marinated and roasted in charcoal clay oven
18.90 €
64 Mixed Seafood Tandoori Grill

Halibut, salmon and king prawns marinated in the tandoor
24.90 €
65 Jinga Shahi (Tandoori Garnelen)

King prawns marinated in a secret formula, cooked in the tandoor
23.90 €
66 Jinga Palak

King prawns cooked with spinach and flavoured with spices
21.90 €
67 Shahi Prawn Masala

King prawns cooked with oriental spices
22.40 €
68 Jinga Dansek

Riesengarnelen zubereitet in einer exotischen Kombination aus Gewürzen, Moong Daal (gelbe Linsen), Sahne und Ananas
21.90 €
69 Shrimps Madras

Prawn cooked with mushrooms, served in a delicious sauce
15.20 €